Hundephysiotherapie Augsburg
Canine Infrared light

"For the world you are somebody, but for somebody you are the world"

Erich Fried

           canine Physiotherapy

Canine physiotherapy is a therapy form which has the goal of rehabilitating and/or stabilizing the movement and functional ability of your dog's body.


Vets often prescribe a dog physiotherapy.


The motion and efficiency of the dog could be disturbed through illness, accident, hereditary or wrong actions in everyday life.


The application of different active and passive movement pattern can bring your dog pain-relief, can bring back healthy movement of the body and build up weakened muscles.

Canine physiotherapy gives your dog the chance to heal itself and will help the healing process on its way.

It also prevents getting the same problems again.


Definition Physiotherapy


the difference between Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

Physiotherapy for dogs can help with bone issues, joint illnesses, nerve pain and muscle problems.




  • dysplasy (elbow, hip)

  • fracture (such as after an accident)

  • degenerative illness (osteoarthritis, spondylosis and so on.)

  • nerve defects (palsy, slipped disc, etc.)

  • to prevent the mobility of senior dogs

  • to build up muscles and maintain them

  • before and after operations (rupture of cruciate ligament, artificial hip etc.)

  • scar treatment


Physiotherapy is not a replacement for visiting your vet,  but an additional help in quickly getting your pet healthy, and most importantly, pain free!