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Canine Physiotherapy

"You can live without a dog, but it's not worth it."

Heinz Rühmann

Therapy offers for canine physiotherapy

  • massage and remedial gymnastics
  • infrared light treatment
  • lymphatic drainage
  • manual therapy
  • treatment on a neurophysiological basis
  • hot and cold applications
  • wellness training therapy
  • wellness therapy for senior dogs
  • device therapy (seesaw, trampoline, balance board, practice course, etc.)

My main target is to get my patients pain free.

Being pain free is the most important thing for our pets to ensure the best quality of life.

However, it could be that your dogs pain is too much to bear, and my therapy takes a while to help or is not enough to get your dog pain free.

In this case you should seek out your vet to get a pain therapy on top of canine physiotherapy.

Seek advice from your veterinarian.

Furthermore, my emphasis is on building muscle, to keep and rebuild joint mobility and conscious movement.

A good pre and post care following operations promotes the healing process  and rehabilitation.

Only outer and  manual treatment will be done.

I do not give my patients medication or injections.

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